Bath Time with SudBudz

IMG_2460From day one, James did not like to take baths. He would so much as hear the running water and start to pout and cry. That all changed as soon as we started using SudPrize. SudPrize is a natural ingredient bath time ball. Not only does it have skin softening properties (James skin is so soft after using SudPrize), it makes bath time fun! The bath ball fizzes and turns the water a bright color! James’ eyes light up as he watches the bath water change to pink. It is such an easy fix to make bath time enjoyable (and makes for a happy mama, too!)




Each fizzy bath ball features a different animal. James received Ricky the Rhino as his first bath time soap. Each animal is associated with a different game. Once James is old enough, he will be able to play the free SudBudz app! It’s a cute interactive game featuring the different animals SudBudz has to offer. As your child plays the game, he or she will earn coins.  Your child then uses their coins to care for their animal in the animal pen.  Once the animal is healthy and happy, it will be released into the wild and there will be another animal to love and care for. It is such a cute idea and introduces children to caring for animals and the environment!


How cute is the animal packaging? If I were little, I know I would be collecting these boxes and displaying them in my bedroom. I wonder if James will do the same when he’s older!


As a follower of simplylauren, be sure to use code LAUREN10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order! Sudprize is also available to purchase at Target. I would love to hear how bath time is for your babies – please comment below!

Thank you to SudPrize for sponsoring this post.


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